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The simple way to complete Canadian immigration forms

Do it yourself, save time and money


Fill out your Canadian immigration forms safely and securely with our online process. All the information you need to successfully complete your application is at your fingertips, and you are always in control.

Save Time 

Enter your details once and Immigrate Simply inputs them into all the required forms. You can access, edit and save your progress whenever and wherever you want. 

Do It Right

Filling out immigration forms is difficult. Immigrate Simply makes it easier by including current IRCC hints and tips with the onscreen questions to give you ready access to important information – information to help you avoid mistakes that could delay or spoil your plans to come to Canada. Did you know that:

  • up to 33% of Visitor Visa applications to Canada are refused, often for simple errors. 

  • 30% to 50% of Study Permit applications are rejected each year.

Do it right, and Immigrate Simply

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Our Purpose

Immigrants are essential to Canada’s growth and prosperity, but filling out immigration forms is difficult. That’s why we decided to create a simpler way to complete Canadian immigration applications. We also want to give you some engaging and interesting content about Canada and Canadians so you know lots about us before you get here. We know Canada will be so much better for having you here. Check out our blog on Why Canada Needs Immigrants. 

Our Limits

Immigrate Simply is not affiliated with or endorsed by IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship Canada). Immigrate Simply does not provide immigration advice. In Canada, only specific groups authorized by IRCC (immigration consultants, lawyers, notaries in Quebec) are legally allowed to provide immigration advice. Before you start an application, we will ask a few validating questions to see if Immigrate Simply is the right service for you. If your application has some possible complications, we will recommend you seek advice of an immigration professional.

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