About Us

At Immigrate Simply, we believe doing the right thing for the right reason brings the right result. For us, the right result is making it simpler for you to complete Canadian immigration forms. We know it’s really easy to make small errors or miss important details on the forms. And that’s why we wanted to find a way to make it simpler. So we brought a team of immigration professionals together and got to work. We realized early on that it was better to have the immigration questions online and put the IRCC hints and guides with the questions.  But, we didn’t stop there. We also created a way to automatically fill in the correct forms with the information entered online. And, you pay nothing until you are ready to download your completed forms.

Why do we think this is the right thing to do?  Because all of us at Immigrate Simply share the belief that immigrants make Canada better. In fact, many of us have personal stories that speak to the opportunities that come from immigrating to Canada.  Our Executive Team are high integrity business professionals with decades of experience. They are committed to making sure Immigrate Simply operates honestly, reliably and securely.  And, our talented team of immigration professionals generously gave of their time and expertise to make sure we got the details right. 

It is our sincere desire to provide a helpful and affordable software solution to allow you to prepare Canadian immigration forms on your own, with minimal stress.  

Because we all travel together on this little planet called Earth.

Our People

Executive Team

Rhoneil & Nadine Velasco

CEO & President, Founders

Rhoneil and his family came to Canada from the Philippines when he was just 5 years old. Rhoneil’s parents worked hard to make their small business successful and ensure their children were able to take full advantage of the opportunities Canada had to offer. 

And succeed they did! Rhoneil completed his Bachelor of Commerce degree and earned his Certified Management Accountant designation (CMA, CPA). He worked in various businesses over the years and eventually became Chief Financial Officer and part-owner of a laboratory business until its sale in 2013.

Rhoneil wasn’t quite ready to retire, but knew that any business he got involved in had to help people in some way.  That led to his decision to acquire an immigration consulting business and become an immigration consultant.  Once he completed his RCIC designation, Rhoneil realized there was a big gap between doing an immigration application entirely on your own, and hiring an immigration professional.  He believed that an online immigration form solution could help potential immigrants self-complete their applications more accurately and efficiently. And thus, Immigrate Simply was born.

Now Rhoneil, Nadine and their four mostly adult children want to spread the word that Immigrate Simply is the simple way to complete Canadian immigration forms.  Check our Instagram and Facebook pages for regular postings on all things Canada.

Ken and the big fish

Ken Chong

Vice-President, Co-Founder

Ken’s immigration story is similar to Rhoneil’s. Like Rhoneil, he was only 5 years old when he came to Canada from South Korea. Ken and his siblings and parents were sponsored by his grandfather, a university professor in Canada. 

Once in Canada, Ken’s parents also combined hard work and entrepreneurship to ensure their children and grandchildren could forge their own path to success. Their family story included life and work in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, and Victoria. The Chong family experienced great joy and success thanks to the opportunities Canada extends to all its citizens.  

Ken’s Canadian story has now spanned over 50 years. He earned a doctorate (PhD) in Chemistry as well as a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and had a very successful career in business. And, Ken believes his story of success could not have been written if his family had not had the good fortune to immigrate to Canada. Ken wants to help others access the opportunities Canada offers. He hopes that they too will be able to share their story of success and inspire the next generation of immigrants.

Tracy Marsden

Vice-President, Co-Founder

Although Tracy was born in Canada, her ancestors came from Europe and settled in Alberta in the early 1900s. Tracy considers herself very fortunate to have grown up in a family that understands and values the contributions of immigrants to Canada. 

Tracy earned a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy and worked as a pharmacist for 15 years. As a community pharmacist, Tracy met and worked with many new Canadians and gave talks to immigrant communities. Tracy also learned about the challenges immigrants face from her sister, who taught English to new Canadians with no literacy or English language knowledge. 

Tracy and Rhoneil were business partners in the laboratory business where Tracy served as Vice-President of Business Development and Client Services. Tracy recently completed digital marketing through the University of Calgary, and is enjoying researching and writing Immigrate Simply blogs. 

Tracy has always believed that immigrants make Canada a better and stronger country.  She is proud and pleased to help more people Immigrate Simply to Canada.

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