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Are you eligible to travel to Canada by completing an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization)?  Learn about eTAs

About Visitor Visa

Visitor Visa is a name commonly used to describe the Temporary Resident Visa or TRV, which is an official authorization for visitors to enter Canada. Although all visitors to Canada require some authorizing document, not all visitors require a TRV. Depending on what country you are from or what the purpose of your visit is, you may be able to travel to Canada without a TRV.

Our Visitor Visa eligibility quiz provides links to IRCC to help you identify the type of authorization you need. If you come to Canada on a Study Permit or Work Permit, you will receive a TRV with your permit if it is approved. If you do require a TRV to enter Canada, you must fill out the required forms and submit your TRV application along with supporting documentation.

Immigrate Simply makes it easy to find out if you need a Temporary Resident Visa and complete the correct forms if you do. Immigrate Simply saves you time and money by:

  • Streamlining the process of entering information 

  • Providing hints and tips alongside questions

  • Printing all the immigration forms you need for your application with the information you entered

After you finalize your forms on Immigrate Simply, you are ready to submit your Visitor Visa (TRV) application to IRCC : 

  • Download your completed forms and checklist from Immigrate Simply

  • Gather the required documents listed on the checklist

  • Pay IRCC fees and submit your Temporary Resident Visa application and required documents to IRCC

Immigrate Simply fills out the necessary forms for your TRV application based on the information you provide. The following forms all relate to Visitor Visa (Temporary Resident Visa) : 

IMM 5484   Document checklist for TRV
IMM 5257   Application for TRV
IMM 5257   Schedule 1 – Application for TRV
IMM 5707   Family Information
IMM 5409   Family Information
IMM 5476   Use of Representative

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