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Find out if you're eligible to apply

Have you met the eligibility requirements to become a Canadian citizen? Learn the requirements for Canadian citizenship

About Citizenship

Canadian Citizenship gives you the right to enter and stay in Canada, vote in elections, and participate in government.  It also guarantees you protection under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

There are three ways to become a Canadian citizen:  be born in Canada, have at least one parent who is a Canadian citizen or, be granted citizenship. The grant of Canadian citizenship is called naturalization and requires you to fill out an application.

IRCC asks a series of questions to determine whether you are eligible to become a Canadian citizen. Only those who meet the eligibility requirements may apply. To apply for Canadian citizenship, you have to complete the necessary forms and submit documents to prove you meet these requirements. You will also have to take a citizenship test and a citizenship oath.

Completing a citizenship application is the first step towards becoming a Canadian citizen. Immigrate Simply makes it easy to prepare citizenship application forms by:

  • Streamlining the process of entering information 

  • Providing hints and tips alongside questions

  • Printing all the immigration forms you need for your application with the information you entered

After you finalize your forms on Immigrate Simply, you are ready to submit your Citizenship application to IRCC:

  • Download your completed forms and checklist from Immigrate Simply

  • Gather the required documents listed on the checklist

  • Pay the IRCC fees and submit your Citizenship application and required documents to IRCC

Immigrate Simply fills out the forms you need for a Citizenship application using the information you give us. The following forms all relate to Citizenship applications :

CIT 0007   Document Checklist – Adult
CIT 0002   Application – Adult
IMM 5476  Use of Representative – Adult
CIT 0008   Document Checklist – Minor
CIT 0003   Application – Minor
IMM 5476  Use of Representative – Minor

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